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Website updating – the fun times!


I know I set up every Thursday to update my website for new content to make sure the SEO would improve my site being searched on Google. Yet there has been quite a few “Thursday’s” that did not my fingers type in the URL to my site or add any content or image. Sad to say I have been slacking! Yet I am working on that leave turn over thing.

Currently I have been adding a piece here and a piece there to my site. I have finally did a little research to figure out how to add pages to my menu and drop down list. Which means now it wont appear as a photo Gumbo site. Yes, the website updating is also going through a organizing phase as well. So please bare with me on the updates and changes as I am still learning a few things. If anyone knows of a tool that can help with full page slide shows please go to the “Contact” page (which I just recently figure out how to set up) and hit me up with some info on possible applications I can add to my WordPress site.

Until next click, have a great day!