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Storyteller Pricing

Session pricing starts at $100 per hour. Various price points for your photo story.


Unedited proof prints

These images are mainly for selection of larger prints.

4×6         $10

5×7          $15

Session proof book     $50

Finished Prints

5×7          $50

8×10      $100

Digital Images

4×6 sizing

72 dpi – Low Resolution             $10 each

150 dpi – Medium Resolution   $25 each

300 dpi – High Resolution        $40 each

Larger options available


Slide Show

$250 up to 40 to 60 images with music

Social Media Packs 

$75- Images to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 15 Images

$150 – 20 images

$200 – 30 images


All prices subject to change

Retouching helps with your creative process

Model Rachel Simone, Makeup: Tayla Ashford
Before and After retouching

After I spend time on a shoot be it a personal project, stock images or client I work on toward a finished product with retouching the image. I find it much like being the chef at a restaurant. You don’t want to send out a meal with no seasoning or that is half cooked. It would ruin the meal and experience completely. That’s why I put in the necessary time to make sure the images have that look of perfection.

Model: Rachel Simone

Makeup: Tayla Ashford