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Portrait Project 10-14-2017


Today’s #PORTRAITPROJECT will start around 1 p.m. with a person I have waited to photograph for a long time now. I recently had the chance to shoot with her for a lens test and the images are quite amazing. Today I want to photograph her portrait for my project. I also wanted to photograph her with her fiance for my engagement photography work, yet today is not shaping up to be the best day for that.

The hurricanes of recent have the residuals of tropical storm fronts that have slowly made their way to Michigan so it has brought quite a bit of rain this way. I hope to have a break to get outside today, but it does not look promising.


Sign of Portland, Oregon
The sign that you have arrived in Portland, Oregon

The scene is Portland. If I could describe it in one word it would be wow! The mountain ranges are beautiful and majestic. Scenes so amazing that you would have to stay for at least a week to take in a fraction of the scenery. Or you might have to just live there for a while. But I only had two days to work with to create some amazing images for my Women With Bikes client. Now I wish I had more time.

Having the luck to photograph a friend from high school was not only a nice way to start on my updated session but also a chance to catch up with what was going on with her life, family, loves and businesses.

testing with Jasmine Kesemeyer

“Absolutely amazing and phenomenal model!”

tease photo of Jasmine Kesemeyer face and shoulders
Testing with Jasmine Kesemeyer
Photo by J Singleton

Jasmine Kesemeyer is was an such an amazing person to work with if you want to call it work. I had the pleasure of an outstanding first test shoot with her Sunday July 16th at 7:45 in the morning. I scheduled early because its all about getting the right light and at times some might not appreciate the time factor. However I was very pleased to see her in the driveway at 7:35 ready to roll. Super attitude and ready to create some magical images.

It was our first shoot and I have to say her movements, natural charm, and expressions still have me wishing I met her a few years ago. It was like a dream come true. I would seriously have to say it was like working with a model from New York. Just so outstanding. I can’t compliment her enough for the short period of time we shot it was magic. I really would like to shoot with her like on a daily basis if I could. The next shoot can not come early enough for me.

The tease photos is just to get you ready for the post page I am setting up for test sessions. In the coming months there will be a specific page for the sessions as I will blog about the experience from start to finish to give my insight on the models I photograph. The evolution will be fun to watch unfold so keep your eyes open for the link that will post on my Facebook business page JSP J Singleton Photo 

Let me know what you think of the images and the models.



WOMEN WITH BIKES cropped image of woman on motorcycle with heels
WOMEN WITH BIKES – jsingletonphoto pin up series for women who own and ride motorcycles

Women! Get your motor running!

jsingletonphoto is now taking bookings for WOMEN WITH BIKES! These photo sessions are for those motorcycle enthusiast who want image of themselves with their pride and two wheel joy! The sessions are your own personal pin up images with you and your ride. If you are looking for a social media album to show your friends or large metal art prints to hang on your wall this is the place to put on your brakes.

The sessions will include consultation with me as to what your goals are for your individual session. It will also include make up and hairstylist suggestions as well as clothing styling to fit the look you want to achieve. Be it a hard leather look or something a bit more reveling the session is yours to discover a hot look for you and your motorcycle.

This blog announcement will be one of many to start up the WWB sessions. Now I must admit that the product name may change or be altered because I am in the beginning stages of putting together these sessions so please keep watching for blog updates.


  • WHEN – Booking starts today 5/10/2017 (Check for available dates)
  • CONTACT: email – jsp@jsingletonphoto.com or jsingletonphoto@gmail.com JSP J Singleton Photo on Facebook
  • WHERE – Sessions will be based upon consultations
  • WHO – All women who want to have some cool, sexy, fun and wild pin up fashion images with their motorcycles.
  • *PRICING – $$$ to $$$$$ – these will be stylized shoots so expect the cost to be reflective to the value of art. Customized pricing currently. Session setting *fee currently start at $200 and up

*(subject to change)


Thanks for stopping by and please book your session today!!!





Detroit photographer with head shot tip

Today’s tip: Smile!


Nothing gives more general appeal than a smile for a broad range of professions. It’s a simple way to attract more potentially positive responses to you! Someone they could be open with and willing to share their valuable time. Now mind you there are areas where a smile might not be as effective in certain types of businesses, yet the overall place to start would be a confident and most of all a “real” smile.  And even if you don’t use the Cheshire cat grin, try smiling with your eyes or “smize” to convey a person who is very approachable!




Deloitte Detroit and Autoweek                          Photography by jsingletonphoto


Motor City Connect – Detroit based photographer driving toward success!


Charlie Wollberg Speaks at Tequila Bar for Motor City Connect
Charlie Wollberg Speaks at Tequila Bar for Motor City Connect – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Networking is the name of the game when it comes to business and commerce. In order to get the ball rolling on ideas and projects there has to be elevator pitches to potential clients as well as to those who are not potential clients but yet have associations with those who could lead to others in need of those services. I have found a great networking group in the Detroit area that drives toward linking people to businesses and businesses to people. Motor City Connect!

Charlie Wollberg gives inspirational ideas to change the ways to look at business practices at a MCC meeting in Royal Oak at Tequila Bar.
Charlie Wollberg gives inspirational ideas to change the ways to look at business practices at a MCC meeting in Royal Oak at Tequila Bar. – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Terry Bean, one of the speakers at the Motor City Connect
Terry Bean, one of the speakers at the Motor City Connect gives his input on the “ask” when developing new clients – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Alicia Funk, Mortgage Banker at Somerset Lending Corp adds input to the conversation of connecting with other business associates. alicia@somersetlendingcorp.com
Alicia Funk, Mortgage Banker at Somerset Lending Corp adds input to the conversation of connecting with other business associates. alicia@somersetlendingcorp.com – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Motor City Connect is all about a new way of networking, thinking and doing business. In the time that I have been there I have made great connections to build my photography business but also learned some great tips to look at my business potential. Learning about the pitfalls and potholes that have held me back and navigating to better practices to keep me focused and on the path to be a premier Detroit Michigan based photographer. I would highly recommend Motor City Connect as a networking destination. Meetings are usually held every Tuesday at 11:30 am at various location around the Detroit area. For more info on how to get connected go to www.motorcityconnect.com to sign up and get connected.

Motor City Connect group shot at Kunstalle-Detroit
A few Motor City Connect members gather for a group shot at Kunstalle-Detroit – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

So the SEO say’s UPDATE!!!

It does occur to me that in order to get the word out that I am a photographer available for work in the Metro Detroit area and that I really need to keep an update of the work I have created as well as the personal work and projects that keep my mind busy and creative. With that content is definitely king on the web. With that in mind I plan on grabbing a few pieces of the past and of recent to show a mix of work. I want you as the audience to have your eyes glued to the monitor (for some great SEO time) yet, also to keep in mind that in the near future you will need my ability to not only be your solution but also your recommendation to others.

In the picture above I have captured the American Flag in the foreground of the 2013 Detroit Ford Fireworks Display 2013 http://michiganfireworks.com/events/detroit-fireworks/ sponsored by the Detroit Parade Company http://www.theparade.org/fireworks.php

I have taken this photo from the Detroit City Apartments from the 29th floor http://www.villagegreen.com/detroit/detroit-city-apartments/




Out of no where comes helping hands~
I was sent to shoot an article for Modeshift.org of the ground breaking construction of the new Meijers Grocery store on 8 mile and Woodward Avenue to show what new community improvements and renovations the 8MBA (Eight Mile Boulevard Association) had in store for the area. As I was waiting to cross onto the Woodward overpass bridge I noted a man that appeared to be homeless. I made it across the traffic and just as I did two people showed up out of no where, one with a box of goodies and the other with a few bottles of water. They asked the gentleman if he would please accept these donations in which he happily accepted, yet he did ask if they would say a prayer of thanks with him for such a kind gesture.

I see there are angels in the city of the strait.

I have been shown that people do care for other people.

That’s strait up kindess!