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Family Photo on demand Thanksgiving Day

Uber and jsingletonphoto deliver a Family Photo on Thanksgiving day

David Woessner Family
David Woessner group – jsingletonphoto©2015

Family Photo on Thanksgiving day? Sure, why not?! I participated with the Uber promotion “Uber Family Photo” on Thanksgiving day. It was a great time to photograph families at home for the holiday. It can be a hard task to gather several family members to have a photo taken. What better time to do so when you have a captive food gathered audience. So Uber contacted local Detroit area photographers to a ride along with drivers to deliver a photographer to take a family photo on Thanksgiving day. On the phone app “PHOTO” was an added slider option to choose. Once selected a driver and photographer would arrive within minutes to capture a great portrait.

Logan Wert Family
Logan Wert – jsingletonphoto©2015

My gracious Uber driver, Scott Zimmerman, arrived on time with a great welcoming smile. Scott made the time pass by with great Uber travel stories. Scott also helped carry my gear to and from each of the houses. He kept me on my 15 minute a house schedule by starting a timer on his phone. After the timer would sound he would return to the house asking how everything went while picking up the gear I had packed up. This coordinated operation made the time go flawlessly.

Jack Folbe Family
Jack Folbe bunch – jsingletonphoto©2015

Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming to the service. It was actually a surprise to most of the families that someone ordered a photographer from Uber for a photo on Thanksgiving day. Yet everyone was happy to participate in capturing the holiday spirit. So much so that I was offered to stay and wait for a meal. And there was a beverage offer as well. Yet I did have a scheduled to keep. And with that I snapped a picture with a family members cell photo to post on Instagram with the hash tag “UberFamilyPhoto”.

Sumeet Uvaidya Family
Sumeet Uvaidya gang – jsingletonphoto©2015

I would like to send a special thanks to all the families that participated with not only me but as well four other local Detroit photographers and Uber drivers. We were lucky to capture some wonderful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. And thanks Uber for asking me to participate! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving time with family and friends.

all photos copyright of jsingletonphoto©2015

Scott Zimmerman  (248) 804-9040 claudiasdad7739@gmail.com




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Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

penny lane – jsingletonphoto©2011

Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

cheyenne scott – jsingletonphoto©2013


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

kelsey knickerbocker – jsingletonphoto©2013


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Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2012

jessica ashley – jsingletonphoto©2012


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

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francesca cordts – jsingletonphoto©2012


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

abigail brown – jsingletonphoto©2011

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jerilyn jordan – jsingletonphoto©2013


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caroline reason – jsingletonphoto©2013

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In the picture above I have captured the American Flag in the foreground of the 2013 Detroit Ford Fireworks Display 2013 http://michiganfireworks.com/events/detroit-fireworks/ sponsored by the Detroit Parade Company http://www.theparade.org/fireworks.php

I have taken this photo from the Detroit City Apartments from the 29th floor http://www.villagegreen.com/detroit/detroit-city-apartments/