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Sign of Portland, Oregon
The sign that you have arrived in Portland, Oregon

The scene is Portland. If I could describe it in one word it would be wow! The mountain ranges are beautiful and majestic. Scenes so amazing that you would have to stay for at least a week to take in a fraction of the scenery. Or you might have to just live there for a while. But I only had two days to work with to create some amazing images for my Women With Bikes client. Now I wish I had more time.

Having the luck to photograph a friend from high school was not only a nice way to start on my updated session but also a chance to catch up with what was going on with her life, family, loves and businesses.

testing with Brittany Burke

Model Brittany Burke posing for photographer J Singleton for a digital test shoot.
test shoot with model Brittany Burke in Detroit, Michigan at the Detroit City Apartment complex

This is first in the series of many test shoot blogs I will be introducing on my site from past and more recent shoots. Today I am starting with one of my favorite models I have worked with in the past. Her name is Brittany Burke. I will update this post with images from out test shoot at Detroit City Apartment complex in downtown Detroit. Please be patient and keep coming back for the updates.


Photographing A Day Of Detroit Flower Week 2016

Detroit Flower Week held at the Jam Handy building in Detroit, Michigan
Detroit Flower Week held at the Jam Handy building in Detroit, Michigan

I love to photograph flowers, even though I might not have a total grasp of chromatography. Yet I am learning. And there was a budding educational experience being held at the Jam Handy Building and the Detroit Public Library. Presenters and participants from across the country and as far as London, England. The Detroit Flower Week that was held from October 11th and ending with a dinner  from 8- 11 p.m. October 15th.  The Detroit Flower Week was put together by Ann Arbor floral designer Lisa Waud of Pot and Box.

Detroit Flower Week Organizer putting together wire and crate display for flowers. Photography by J Singleton©2016



The days were divided into workshops for those wanting to learn more about flower arranging and lectures from various florist telling story of how they got their start. How sometimes miracles of business grow from out of the blue. One of those stories from Chicago florists Heidi Joynt and Molly Kobect of Field and Florist revealed in their search to expand their business they found a partner who just happened to have over 100 acres of land that they wanted to facilitate as a nursery. Now they have a lot of 30 acres they use in Southwest Michigan to help in their endeavors. Sometimes the luck does shine down to create a great pairing.

The festival ended on Saturday night with a dinner held in the historical treasured Adam Strom Hall on the third floor of the Detroit Public library featuring an installation designed by world renowned London designer Joseph Massie.  Joseph having even designed floral arrangements for the Queen was assisted by local volunteers across Southeast Michigan to help build his vision to suspend over those dining upon the five course meal and beverage pairing by Detroit’s finest chefs. If you missed The Detroit Flower Week this year, keep your eyes open for the next event on Lisa Waud’s web page.

Detroit Flower Week Info

jsingletonphoto20161014-_mg_0226 jsingletonphoto20161014-_mg_0187

Retouching helps with your creative process

Model Rachel Simone, Makeup: Tayla Ashford
Before and After retouching

After I spend time on a shoot be it a personal project, stock images or client I work on toward a finished product with retouching the image. I find it much like being the chef at a restaurant. You don’t want to send out a meal with no seasoning or that is half cooked. It would ruin the meal and experience completely. That’s why I put in the necessary time to make sure the images have that look of perfection.

Model: Rachel Simone

Makeup: Tayla Ashford


Website updating – the fun times!


I know I set up every Thursday to update my website for new content to make sure the SEO would improve my site being searched on Google. Yet there has been quite a few “Thursday’s” that did not my fingers type in the URL to my site or add any content or image. Sad to say I have been slacking! Yet I am working on that leave turn over thing.

Currently I have been adding a piece here and a piece there to my site. I have finally did a little research to figure out how to add pages to my menu and drop down list. Which means now it wont appear as a photo Gumbo site. Yes, the website updating is also going through a organizing phase as well. So please bare with me on the updates and changes as I am still learning a few things. If anyone knows of a tool that can help with full page slide shows please go to the “Contact” page (which I just recently figure out how to set up) and hit me up with some info on possible applications I can add to my WordPress site.

Until next click, have a great day!

Family Photo on demand Thanksgiving Day

Uber and jsingletonphoto deliver a Family Photo on Thanksgiving day

David Woessner Family
David Woessner group – jsingletonphoto©2015

Family Photo on Thanksgiving day? Sure, why not?! I participated with the Uber promotion “Uber Family Photo” on Thanksgiving day. It was a great time to photograph families at home for the holiday. It can be a hard task to gather several family members to have a photo taken. What better time to do so when you have a captive food gathered audience. So Uber contacted local Detroit area photographers to a ride along with drivers to deliver a photographer to take a family photo on Thanksgiving day. On the phone app “PHOTO” was an added slider option to choose. Once selected a driver and photographer would arrive within minutes to capture a great portrait.

Logan Wert Family
Logan Wert – jsingletonphoto©2015

My gracious Uber driver, Scott Zimmerman, arrived on time with a great welcoming smile. Scott made the time pass by with great Uber travel stories. Scott also helped carry my gear to and from each of the houses. He kept me on my 15 minute a house schedule by starting a timer on his phone. After the timer would sound he would return to the house asking how everything went while picking up the gear I had packed up. This coordinated operation made the time go flawlessly.

Jack Folbe Family
Jack Folbe bunch – jsingletonphoto©2015

Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming to the service. It was actually a surprise to most of the families that someone ordered a photographer from Uber for a photo on Thanksgiving day. Yet everyone was happy to participate in capturing the holiday spirit. So much so that I was offered to stay and wait for a meal. And there was a beverage offer as well. Yet I did have a scheduled to keep. And with that I snapped a picture with a family members cell photo to post on Instagram with the hash tag “UberFamilyPhoto”.

Sumeet Uvaidya Family
Sumeet Uvaidya gang – jsingletonphoto©2015

I would like to send a special thanks to all the families that participated with not only me but as well four other local Detroit photographers and Uber drivers. We were lucky to capture some wonderful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. And thanks Uber for asking me to participate! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving time with family and friends.

all photos copyright of jsingletonphoto©2015

Scott Zimmerman  (248) 804-9040 claudiasdad7739@gmail.com



Detroit based Photographer shoots an American Eagle

Kelsey looking spectacular during her Ambassador senior photo session for Detroit based photographer J Singleton. jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved
American Eagle model Kelsey Knickerbocker looking spectacular during her Ambassador senior photo session for Detroit based photographer J Singleton.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Way up high where the eagles soar, on this photographers adventure there were a few spotted. One such as American Eagle model Kelsey Knickerbocker. I got a chance to photograph Kelsey and her Northville, Michigan family the Knickerbockers in Aspen, Colorado during a destination senior Ambassador shoot. The altitudes we were at can be a challenge for some, but Kelsey took it all in stride.

Kelsey Knickerbocker poses next to the native trees of Aspen. jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved
Kelsey Knickerbocker poses next to a group of birch trees native to Aspen, Colorado.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Senior Ambassador Kelsey Knickerbocker jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved
Senior Ambassador Kelsey Knickerbocker
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Puppies are just to cute to resist for Kelsey. jsingletonphoto©2013
Puppies are just to cute for Kelsey to resist.


The shoot flew through from early to mid-afternoon with only a few quick changes and a couple of stops due to puppies who just happened upon the location we were shooting. All in all the senior shoot where Kelsey will be representing J Singleton Photo at Northville High school went fabulously. Also special thanks to Tom and Chris Knickerbocker for the amazing accommodations at the Hyatt  Grand Aspen. The staff at the Hyatt were phenomenal and I would highly recommend a stay there.

Kelsey and her dad Tom Knickerbocker share a moment together.  jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved
Kelsey and her dad Tom Knickerbocker share a moment together.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved