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Retouching helps with your creative process

Model Rachel Simone, Makeup: Tayla Ashford
Before and After retouching

After I spend time on a shoot be it a personal project, stock images or client I work on toward a finished product with retouching the image. I find it much like being the chef at a restaurant. You don’t want to send out a meal with no seasoning or that is half cooked. It would ruin the meal and experience completely. That’s why I put in the necessary time to make sure the images have that look of perfection.

Model: Rachel Simone

Makeup: Tayla Ashford


Detroit Photographer starts dance portrait project

Amy Swift                                                                         Alexandra McLeod                                                                            Cassie Hoy

Of all the arts I believe one of the most beautiful is dance. It allows the feeling of freedom, power and escape. Photographing dance is a very demanding task as it is about the moment and with each movement timing is everything. With that I start on a journey to photograph ballet dancers. I hope to do a bit of traveling outside of my comfort zone to find what all dancers seem to embrace within the art. Freedom!

Join me on my journey to see where it takes me on my quest to photograph that elusive moment. If you are interested in participation or know anyone who is please contact me at jsp@jsingletonphoto.com

Also keep checking back for the dance blog when it starts!

So the SEO say’s UPDATE!!!

It does occur to me that in order to get the word out that I am a photographer available for work in the Metro Detroit area and that I really need to keep an update of the work I have created as well as the personal work and projects that keep my mind busy and creative. With that content is definitely king on the web. With that in mind I plan on grabbing a few pieces of the past and of recent to show a mix of work. I want you as the audience to have your eyes glued to the monitor (for some great SEO time) yet, also to keep in mind that in the near future you will need my ability to not only be your solution but also your recommendation to others.

In the picture above I have captured the American Flag in the foreground of the 2013 Detroit Ford Fireworks Display 2013 http://michiganfireworks.com/events/detroit-fireworks/ sponsored by the Detroit Parade Company http://www.theparade.org/fireworks.php

I have taken this photo from the Detroit City Apartments from the 29th floor http://www.villagegreen.com/detroit/detroit-city-apartments/