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Detroit Photographer starts dance portrait project


Amy Swift                                                                         Alexandra McLeod                                                                            Cassie Hoy

Of all the arts I believe one of the most beautiful is dance. It allows the feeling of freedom, power and escape. Photographing dance is a very demanding task as it is about the moment and with each movement timing is everything. With that I start on a journey to photograph ballet dancers. I hope to do a bit of traveling outside of my comfort zone to find what all dancers seem to embrace within the art. Freedom!

Join me on my journey to see where it takes me on my quest to photograph that elusive moment. If you are interested in participation or know anyone who is please contact me at jsp@jsingletonphoto.com

Also keep checking back for the dance blog when it starts!


Out of no where comes helping hands~

I was sent to shoot an article for Modeshift.org of the ground breaking construction of the new Meijers Grocery store on 8 mile and Woodward Avenue to show what new community improvements and renovations the 8MBA (Eight Mile Boulevard Association) had in store for the area. As I was waiting to cross onto the Woodward overpass bridge I noted a man that appeared to be homeless. I made it across the traffic and just as I did two people showed up out of no where, one with a box of goodies and the other with a few bottles of water. They asked the gentleman if he would please accept these donations in which he happily accepted, yet he did ask if they would say a prayer of thanks with him for such a kind gesture.

I see there are angels in the city of the strait.

I have been shown that people do care for other people.

That’s strait up kindess!