Out of no where comes helping hands~

I was sent to shoot an article for Modeshift.org of the ground breaking construction of the new Meijers Grocery store on 8 mile and Woodward Avenue to show what new community improvements and renovations the 8MBA (Eight Mile Boulevard Association) had in store for the area. As I was waiting to cross onto the Woodward overpass bridge I noted a man that appeared to be homeless. I made it across the traffic and just as I did two people showed up out of no where, one with a box of goodies and the other with a few bottles of water. They asked the gentleman if he would please accept these donations in which he happily accepted, yet he did ask if they would say a prayer of thanks with him for such a kind gesture.

I see there are angels in the city of the strait.

I have been shown that people do care for other people.

That’s strait up kindess!

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