OCTOBER 2016 Lifestyle/Commercial Test shoot info

Hello and Welcome to the information page for OCTOBER Lifestyle and Commercial Test shoot with jsingletonphoto!

Currently I am holding Lifestyle/Commercial test shoots to build not only my portfolio but as well models and actors. I am offering this opportunity during October 2016 to boost your chance to book paid work from clients in the advertising industry. And the best chance to do that within the Midwest is to have examples they can relate to such as fitness, seasonal, outdoor, catalog, and commercial looks. And that is where we will start.

Here are a few found examples on Googles of what I am working toward. None of these are my images.



I will be offering the following for your services:

  • up to 5 *un-retouched images per look – *(light retouching add $5 per image)
  • Two look minimum Four look maximum – Each look will be reviewed based upon my portfolio needs
  • Print release form to print for portfolio
  • Usage agreement for social media, website, agency

I will require the following:

  • Signed and dated model release prior to shoot – It will need a witness signature also.
  • Proof of age – government identification – If you are under the age of 18 years old you will need parental approval
  • Bring your own wardrobe. I will work within what you have available or are willing to aquire.
  • Come camera ready – You will be responsible for your hair and makeup. Finger and toe nails with clear polish.

Image Delivery

You will receive a PDF of the best representative images that I feel will offer you opportunities to book paid jobs. I would suggest you conference with your agency or agent representative for final image approvals. Once you have their recommendations send me the corresponding number identification to send the image(s)- example IMG_5467. If you are adding on light retouching/enhancement (strongly suggested) please add a three days. Please be sure to send your email so I can send you an image link for the PDF’s and final images.

As I am putting this together I may include an image page of the shoot within a page for agents a prospective agents to view. Still working the details out. Stay tuned.

Click this link to email me. your name and shoot date then I will email your appropriate image links.


Payment for retouching.

The current fee for light retouch/enhancement is $5 per image. So if you did want five images retouched the fee would be $25 dollars. Once you make your choices be sure tell me which images will you want retouching for so I can bill accordingly. If you are paying in cash there is no additional fee. If you are paying via Square, Paypal, Google wallet, or any other online payment system add 3.5% processing fee = $5.18 per image.

Currently I use Square for Credit Card processing

Currently I use www.PayPal.com for Online processing – use email: jsingletonphoto@gmail.com for payment