Bold, Dramatic, Intense

if you could see through the darkness you would be called light

We all have a darkness inside that may be hidden or exposed for all to see. This darkness may be subtle or dramatic based upon each individuals personality. Be aware of  this to be not evil or necessarily goodness. It is in essence natures necessity of balance.

We all have lightness inside that may be hidden or exposed for all to see. This lightness may be dynamic or low  key based upon each individuals heart. Be aware the basis isn’t due to righteousness or degradation. The shear power of black and white, noir et blanc is used to entice an emotional response from deep within and to unleash its intense presence. To be directly inline with volcanic obliteration, to some ancient cultures, would be an offering to the gods. And within each sacrifice the appeasement was good, yet evil none the less.

Find all the emotions within the dark and light. Find all truths between the black and white. Shed a tear for all that is wrong and that is right.

That is noir et blanc…..


carly schneider

j singleton photo 2014

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