Nin hao Hong Kong! Detroit based Model Tess Finley on her Way!

The beautiful and amazingly talented Tess Finley
The beautiful and amazingly talented Tess Finley

The amazing model Tess Finley got on a plane to the orient this morning at 6:30 am to start her debut as an international model at Quest Artist & Models Hong Kong. Tess is also represented by her mother agency Factor Women Model Management Chicago. I would like to thank Tess for the incredible pictures we were able to make with the team of hair and make up artist.

Natural Beauty jsingletonphoto©2013
Natural Beauty jsingletonphoto©2013

As well her valuable help during my first DRAMASHOP for helping photographers communicate better with models. I also want to send a special shout out to Todd and Penny Karr for being the ultimate in the supportive parent department. Driving Tess from Michigan to Chicago and everywhere between! Its great to see that kind of support pay off so big!

(名) 祝您好运  (感叹) 祝您好运  Tess!!

(Good luck)

Tess here are some things you might want to know when in Hong Kong!

Arrivals = Jinguan

Departures = Chuguan

Bathroom = Yushi

Hospital = Yiyuan

Photographer = Sheyingshi

Editor = Bianji


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