Models need for Stock Photography shoots

Female and Male models need for some TFP or as well TFD, test for digital, images. I need models of all shapes, sizes, races etc! I am working on my stock portfolio. I will have mood boards and trends listing of what I am needing to add to my stock portfolio. Some of the shoots will be small while others will add a bit of production to create salable images.

You will need to sign a model release with a witness of your signature prior to the shoot. Each image submitted for stock will be sent to the model as well. My plan is to have at least 4 images from each shoot. It may vary below that based upon technical qualities of the image itself, yet I am shooting to have 10 usable images from each session. The images will be high resolution with basic retouching. You will be able to view a pdf of the images selected to also make your final choices if 4 images were not chosen from the shoot.

Please email me at either:


and send a headshot as well as full body shot.

Thanks for your time and keep clicking back for updates on trends listing and shoot dates.



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