Detroit based photographer samples food photography

Yesterday I was thinking yes its time for General Tso’s Chicken again so I walked down to the local take out place to pick some up. I knew I did want to not only eat this amazingly prepared food; I wanted to photograph it. Now I know that the owner would not put together a “photo ready” meal so I would just have to deal with what I got. So I placed my order and waited. I was less than seven minutes then I was on my way back.

Now I have done food photography in the past with Bob Conway in Battle Creek, Michigan back in the day as assistant photographer. I have always loved the look, yet have not really made an effort to pursue food photography as a supplement to my current photography. It seems if you don’t specialize then people don’t take you seriously as to your craft. However working with Bob who was literally a jack-of-all trades when it came to photography instilled the idea that if you have passion for the base of what you do then you can accomplish anything.

This is my start to pursuing a pinch of food photography. I plan on adding some video as well for behind the scenes too. Be on the look out for it.

General Tso's Chicken food shot
General Tso’s Chicken food shot

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