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Happy New Year! Detroit Photographer gears up for the new year.

Detroit Design Festival

2013 Detroit Design Festival

Its a time to reflect and to look forward. There were quite a few joys and sorrows that took place yet I am looking forward to 2014 as an opportunity to rise from the ashes. With so many possibilities to better myself and my work it would be very important for me to recognize each that comes along. To move forward with hard work and effort at each that presents itself. Today is my challenge! Be it to learn at a workshop or to update a clients complex campaign or to document an amazingly beautiful destination wedding I take on 2014 as my daily photography challenge. I plan on challenging every aspect of what my photography has been and take it to a new level from lighting to retouching. As well I will offer opportunities for other photographers to hone their skills as well with creative workshops that will challenge them with the task of accomplishing set goals. Yes, its a new year. Lets all take advantage and start to build upon this day. Snappy New Year!!


J Singleton

owner/operator of jsingletonphoto

Detroit Based Photographer J Singleton Photographs 2013 Detroit Design Festival

Products, Design and Fashion are just part of the five day long Detroit Design Festival being held by DC3, The Detroit Creative Corridor Center. It is great to return as one of the official photographers for this years event.

The Festival starts Tuesday September 17th for the official DDF kick-off party at A.Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education, College for Creative Studies, 485 W. Milwaukee Street, featuring studio displays by local design associations, professionals and business ventures in the Detroit Creative Corridor Center’s network. From the amazing artist, designers and retailers to galleries, art projects and installations this years event proves to be one of the best festivals yet.

Fashion Show at Eastern Market 2012 IMG_8551 sketch battle Fashion show at Eastern Market At the hanger during closing ceremonies IMG_0757 IMG_0525 IMG_0457 IMG_0047 IMG_0075 post it note battle 2012 kick-off party

This event is free and open to the public. RSVP is encouraged at: http://ddf2013kickoff.eventbrite.com/

Be sure to check out the schedule and I hope to photograph you there!



 http://detroitdesignfestival.com/     <—links—>       https://www.facebook.com/detroitdesignfestival

And look for my images at Metrotimes too!!!

Nin hao Hong Kong! Detroit based Model Tess Finley on her Way!

The beautiful and amazingly talented Tess Finley

The beautiful and amazingly talented Tess Finley

The amazing model Tess Finley got on a plane to the orient this morning at 6:30 am to start her debut as an international model at Quest Artist & Models Hong Kong. Tess is also represented by her mother agency Factor Women Model Management Chicago. I would like to thank Tess for the incredible pictures we were able to make with the team of hair and make up artist.

Natural Beauty jsingletonphoto©2013

Natural Beauty jsingletonphoto©2013

As well her valuable help during my first DRAMASHOP for helping photographers communicate better with models. I also want to send a special shout out to Todd and Penny Karr for being the ultimate in the supportive parent department. Driving Tess from Michigan to Chicago and everywhere between! Its great to see that kind of support pay off so big!

(名) 祝您好运  (感叹) 祝您好运  Tess!!

(Good luck)

Tess here are some things you might want to know when in Hong Kong!

Arrivals = Jinguan

Departures = Chuguan

Bathroom = Yushi

Hospital = Yiyuan

Photographer = Sheyingshi

Editor = Bianji


Detroit based Photographer shoots an American Eagle

Kelsey looking spectacular during her Ambassador senior photo session for Detroit based photographer J Singleton. jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

American Eagle model Kelsey Knickerbocker looking spectacular during her Ambassador senior photo session for Detroit based photographer J Singleton.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Way up high where the eagles soar, on this photographers adventure there were a few spotted. One such as American Eagle model Kelsey Knickerbocker. I got a chance to photograph Kelsey and her Northville, Michigan family the Knickerbockers in Aspen, Colorado during a destination senior Ambassador shoot. The altitudes we were at can be a challenge for some, but Kelsey took it all in stride.

Kelsey Knickerbocker poses next to the native trees of Aspen. jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Kelsey Knickerbocker poses next to a group of birch trees native to Aspen, Colorado.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Senior Ambassador Kelsey Knickerbocker jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Senior Ambassador Kelsey Knickerbocker
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Puppies are just to cute to resist for Kelsey. jsingletonphoto©2013

Puppies are just to cute for Kelsey to resist.


The shoot flew through from early to mid-afternoon with only a few quick changes and a couple of stops due to puppies who just happened upon the location we were shooting. All in all the senior shoot where Kelsey will be representing J Singleton Photo at Northville High school went fabulously. Also special thanks to Tom and Chris Knickerbocker for the amazing accommodations at the Hyatt  Grand Aspen. The staff at the Hyatt were phenomenal and I would highly recommend a stay there.

Kelsey and her dad Tom Knickerbocker share a moment together.  jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Kelsey and her dad Tom Knickerbocker share a moment together.
jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Motor City Connect – Detroit based photographer driving toward success!


Charlie Wollberg Speaks at Tequila Bar for Motor City Connect

Charlie Wollberg Speaks at Tequila Bar for Motor City Connect – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved

Networking is the name of the game when it comes to business and commerce. In order to get the ball rolling on ideas and projects there has to be elevator pitches to potential clients as well as to those who are not potential clients but yet have associations with those who could lead to others in need of those services. I have found a great networking group in the Detroit area that drives toward linking people to businesses and businesses to people. Motor City Connect!

Charlie Wollberg gives inspirational ideas to change the ways to look at business practices at a MCC meeting in Royal Oak at Tequila Bar.

Charlie Wollberg gives inspirational ideas to change the ways to look at business practices at a MCC meeting in Royal Oak at Tequila Bar. – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Terry Bean, one of the speakers at the Motor City Connect

Terry Bean, one of the speakers at the Motor City Connect gives his input on the “ask” when developing new clients – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Alicia Funk, Mortgage Banker at Somerset Lending Corp adds input to the conversation of connecting with other business associates. alicia@somersetlendingcorp.com

Alicia Funk, Mortgage Banker at Somerset Lending Corp adds input to the conversation of connecting with other business associates. alicia@somersetlendingcorp.com – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Motor City Connect is all about a new way of networking, thinking and doing business. In the time that I have been there I have made great connections to build my photography business but also learned some great tips to look at my business potential. Learning about the pitfalls and potholes that have held me back and navigating to better practices to keep me focused and on the path to be a premier Detroit Michigan based photographer. I would highly recommend Motor City Connect as a networking destination. Meetings are usually held every Tuesday at 11:30 am at various location around the Detroit area. For more info on how to get connected go to www.motorcityconnect.com to sign up and get connected.

Motor City Connect group shot at Kunstalle-Detroit

A few Motor City Connect members gather for a group shot at Kunstalle-Detroit – jsingletonphoto©2013 all rights reserved


Are you a model living in the Metro Detroit area and looking to boost your portfolio?

Do you often wonder how to be a better model and would like some additional training?

Do you want your personality to come out in your photos?

Are you looking for something edgy and different?

If the answer to any of these is yes then please read on…


For models who need a boost of black and white gritty edge you need the DRAMASHOP to PUSH your abilities and demand more impact for your portfolio!

I am starting mini workshops for those in need of industry standard images to get them noticed by the agencies.

So If you have the desire to stand out from the crowd then make sure to book your dramashop today!!

There is a limit of three models per dramashop so sign up fast.

Message me at jsp@jsingletonphoto.com to set up appointment.

Beginning to book for August, September and yes even November!

Pricing starts at $100 for these mini-shoots. Come make up ready.

Make up artist available upon request – (prices vary on mua- inquire on options)

Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

penny lane – jsingletonphoto©2011

Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

cheyenne scott – jsingletonphoto©2013


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

kelsey knickerbocker – jsingletonphoto©2013


okay there is an option for color also 😉


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2012

jessica ashley – jsingletonphoto©2012


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

lauren zoeller – jsingletonphoto©2011


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2012

francesca cordts – jsingletonphoto©2012


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2011

abigail brown – jsingletonphoto©2011

Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

alexandra mcleod – jsingletonphoto©2013


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

jerilyn jordan – jsingletonphoto©2013


Strictly on location until the new studio location goes into affect.


Metro Detroit Photographer jsingletonphoto©2013

caroline reason – jsingletonphoto©2013

Detroit area models who need a Metro Detroit Photographer

So the SEO say’s UPDATE!!!

It does occur to me that in order to get the word out that I am a photographer available for work in the Metro Detroit area and that I really need to keep an update of the work I have created as well as the personal work and projects that keep my mind busy and creative. With that content is definitely king on the web. With that in mind I plan on grabbing a few pieces of the past and of recent to show a mix of work. I want you as the audience to have your eyes glued to the monitor (for some great SEO time) yet, also to keep in mind that in the near future you will need my ability to not only be your solution but also your recommendation to others.

In the picture above I have captured the American Flag in the foreground of the 2013 Detroit Ford Fireworks Display 2013 http://michiganfireworks.com/events/detroit-fireworks/ sponsored by the Detroit Parade Company http://www.theparade.org/fireworks.php

I have taken this photo from the Detroit City Apartments from the 29th floor http://www.villagegreen.com/detroit/detroit-city-apartments/




Eastern Market on a Saturday Morning is a great place to shop for produce, groceries and specialty items. And at Shed 1 there is a great little gem run by The Pottery Guy. You should check it out. It is truly a great place to shop!



Out of no where comes helping hands~

I was sent to shoot an article for Modeshift.org of the ground breaking construction of the new Meijers Grocery store on 8 mile and Woodward Avenue to show what new community improvements and renovations the 8MBA (Eight Mile Boulevard Association) had in store for the area. As I was waiting to cross onto the Woodward overpass bridge I noted a man that appeared to be homeless. I made it across the traffic and just as I did two people showed up out of no where, one with a box of goodies and the other with a few bottles of water. They asked the gentleman if he would please accept these donations in which he happily accepted, yet he did ask if they would say a prayer of thanks with him for such a kind gesture.

I see there are angels in the city of the strait.

I have been shown that people do care for other people.

That’s strait up kindess!

Brittany Burke

Well the shoot I had been waiting to have for over seven months finally happened!! I remember getting the chance to see Brittany’s images that Dan Lippitt and Lesa Foto-graphy took and I have to say I was extremely impressed! And behold in less time it took to try to set up a shoot with her, she was gone to the big city to get signed with some heavy hitters in the modeling agency business. At that moment I thought to myself, it will never happen. Yeah, the ole sayin, “never say never” came in to my hope mantra. It did take a bit of hope with luck and quite a few text messages. But the effort paid off! I finally got a chance to shoot with Brittany!

jsingletonphoto©2012 - model: Brittany Burke; make up & hair: Melissa Whitt; stylist: Lauren Rassel

jsingletonphoto©2012 - model: Brittany Burke; make up & hair: Melissa Whitt; stylist: Lauren Rassel

jsingletonphoto©2012 - model: Brittany Burke; make up & hair: Melissa Whitt; stylist: Lauren Rassel

I will admit I was a bit to say the least, intimidated to work with her from learning of in the short time her accomplishments in the modeling field, but she still has a long career ahead of her as well. I could tell you that she walked for a major designer in Milan and Paris, but I am sure you are not interested in that. But from the start time of greeting Brittany and her mother Renee walking up with bags of clothing in hand until the last frame was shot, which went a little bit over, is where the true magic happened. Stylist Lauren Rassel and make up artist Melissa Whitt helped tremendously with making that amazing day complete as well. Many thanks to them and as well as others who played a part in making this shoot take place.

The biggest surprise that came from the shoot was the text message not thirty minutes after I sent the edited images to Renee Burke to hear that Brittany’s agent in Chicago loved the images and had them uploaded to their site that day. I played that scene from the movie Pulp Fiction in my head, “Yeah! We happy!” And happier still to get a chance again to shoot with Brittany again yesterday. The first shoot was a bit more formal feeling each other out I think. But yesterday the gloves were off and we got a chance to work out her expressions. I have to say that it was a blast to work with Brittany. Needless to say I know she will go very far in her career. It would be a great achievement to know that I was around to help her get her career on the road.

2012 – Bring it!!

Beauty shot

model: Ashley Moyers; make up & hair: Sigal Levine

So with the new year comes new opportunities. I find that I am lucky to meet new and amazing talent that only help to build my portfolio to new levels. I believe within that the new focus is to work on getting published in a Michigan based magazine. And the plan is to have it happen this year. The year when planets align and the Mayans want us to update the calendars on our own.

Also within the plan is to work with several great modeling agencies around the country. I have to say that my ambitious plan is taking form with the help of a person I worked with a long time ago when I was just getting my feet wet photographing agency models. I have to thank Lynn Clark-Geiner for giving me an opportunity to work with her talent. Along with her and Meghan York, the support they have given has been quite phenomenal. I hope to work with them more in 2012 as well with some new agencies in Detroit, Chicago, and hopefully Arizona and New York. So with that I say to all the new opportunities….BRING IT 2012!!!!

The shoot!


Test shoot with Madison Denomme

So today I get to shoot with a great model that is at the start of her career and I really want the shoot to go amazingly. I will not put any pressure upon myself anymore. I did however have a quick session with Madison Denomme to take of the edge a bit!

I love happy people!!

It was great to have two happy people stop by today and pick up some amazing work. Both Sarah Dunn and Laura Porter stopped in to pick up their finished products today!


Sarah had a beautiful wedding at Lawton Community Center with her husband Brent Dunn on New Years Eve! They were such a blast to work with from the engagement session to the last sip of champagne! Truly a classy event!

Then the fun and exciting family session with Laura Porter and her daughter Jazz was high energy and fun!! Jazz has some pretty killer guitar skills! And coupled up with her energy I can see her going far!! Laura was beautiful and spunky in the outfits that she picked out for this session! I loved working with the both and can’t wait to work with them again!

Booking a photo shoot with J Singleton? GIVE ME DRAMA!!

Drama! Drama! DRAMA!!!!

Its all about the dramatic! This is what gets me up in the morning for a shoot! If you bring me some crazy drama then I will give you images that are unimaginable! It a collaboration to create something amazing. I have made the determination to work with the most amazing from now on. More post on this subject with images to boot!!
So the thought is to bring out more personality that can be imagined. The first way to go about that process is to make the subject as comfortable as possible.

3…2…1…. go!


Today is yesterday’s dream of tomorrow. If you want change you must start with the present with the future in mind. So with that my today starts with building new roads toward discovery. The new road starts with new ways to look at ALL that I have done and all that I will do. Photography is the vehicle I will use to get me there and back. The first challenge to complete will be on going and daily. How to photograph and post images in a timely manner. It seems that lots of “things” get in the way of my creativity and as well my ability to show the work I have created. Admittedly its the distractions coming from the places I need to work on to build my business up. So with that in mind focus will be placed where it needs to be at the time it needs to be placed.

First thing will be the post a day! This is a blog and I hope to post things here that are indeed informative and creative.

Second will be to get a better handle on posting video shorts that give a bit of insight to what I see as moving art.

Third has to be the time spent enjoying life and blogging about it as well. I need to enjoy life more. I need to enjoy life more!


Ella Gomez – The start of something new.

Well to say the July photo shoot with Ella Gomez was just another photo shoot is to say that the Eiffel tower is just another structure. I was put into a warp machine of sorts. As if I was warped to a time where models and photographers connected without the thought of photoshop to “make” the shoot worth a cover.

Ella gave me a glimpse of the days of the photography legends Francesco Scavello, David Bailey, Helmut Newton! As each shot rang out from my Canon I was amazed to note her movement and emotion unfolded like a flower under an advancing timelapse movie. I treasure shoots like this as they are what I dream of being lucky enough to have a chance to photograph. She had the fluidity of Iman, Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and the list goes on. All I can say is for now I can’t wait for another uplifting dream session with Ella Gomez!