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2018_07_20 Model Jasmine’s Belle Isle shoot

So today I got the chance to work with my friend Jasmine, after a year, shooting on Belle Isle. The plan was actually to work with her with a Thumbtack client to capture a marriage proposal. I would engage with photography while she worked on the video end. Well the couples plane took off later than expected which threw off the day. Yet to make the best of it we headed to Belle Isle anyway to shoot.

Model in Canary Yellow Jumpsuit

Jasmine in Canary Yellow Jumpsuit


Believe in yourself. Believe in your talent.

If you have only one thing to learn its that you must believe in yourself. There are times where doubt will hit you like a bowling ball on the daily. Maybe today is not the day. Maybe this is not the moment for you. Or heck maybe you are not talented at all. But do recognize that regardless it is important to believe in yourself. Believe in your talent.

Your talent may not be easy to see. You may have masked your truth with another desire. Challenge yourself to revel that talent that is inside you. Yet always believe in yourself.


blog image of MILO Detroit work desk

MILOdetroit this afternoon was such a rush. When the owner has trust in your abilities to let you do what you do it is both a relief and burden within the same breath. Talk about challenging your sense of direction. Definitely pushed me into working a bit differently. Decisions placed into my hands have really pushed the idea of making clean photography a mission. To also bring out more of the emotional content that is not an easy task. Yet I am aware of my ability to build trust with my subjects through communication of where I would like to take them. To learn who they are and what they are about. To learn as much as possible. The ability to be open, a bit wacky, yet professional drives toward a trust. That trust given is such intoxication rush that I am still feel while opening up the images taken today. I can’t wait to shoot again.

Models need for Stock Photography shoots

Female and Male models need for some TFP or as well TFD, test for digital, images. I need models of all shapes, sizes, races etc! I am working on my stock portfolio. I will have mood boards and trends listing of what I am needing to add to my stock portfolio. Some of the shoots will be small while others will add a bit of production to create salable images.

You will need to sign a model release with a witness of your signature prior to the shoot. Each image submitted for stock will be sent to the model as well. My plan is to have at least 4 images from each shoot. It may vary below that based upon technical qualities of the image itself, yet I am shooting to have 10 usable images from each session. The images will be high resolution with basic retouching. You will be able to view a pdf of the images selected to also make your final choices if 4 images were not chosen from the shoot.

Please email me at either:




and send a headshot as well as full body shot.

Thanks for your time and keep clicking back for updates on trends listing and shoot dates.



Rachel Lyn Buford 10-14-2017 1:00 p.m.

As tears from heaven fall for those who suffer and for those who try to aid those who are suffering. Such a somber, gray, rain filled day. There was a moments break. Literally when Rachel pulled up the rain subsided for a brief period of time. And as she left the rain returned more voracious than before. This weather summarizes the emotional ebb and flow of the portrait session.

I chatted prior with Rachel about her job as a social worker to get a feel of what she deals with on a daily basis. To be informed that the Governor of Michigan actually pulled funding from the system that you thought was in place to help people is appalling. The images and story in Rachel’s own words will post upon the Portrait Project page soon.

Hugs and Love


Portrait Project 10-14-2017


Today’s #PORTRAITPROJECT will start around 1 p.m. with a person I have waited to photograph for a long time now. I recently had the chance to shoot with her for a lens test and the images are quite amazing. Today I want to photograph her portrait for my project. I also wanted to photograph her with her fiance for my engagement photography work, yet today is not shaping up to be the best day for that.

The hurricanes of recent have the residuals of tropical storm fronts that have slowly made their way to Michigan so it has brought quite a bit of rain this way. I hope to have a break to get outside today, but it does not look promising.

Setting up Instagram Wedding page

Okay so if I have been working on building clients for various work that I do it would appear to be just as important to set up an Instagram page. With that comes my new Wedding Instagram site. The site will be all about wedding. From engagement photography to the last dance of the wedding. Also tips for brides as well as grooms.

So go to @wedding.jsingletonphoto on Instagram to add to your list of friends. Plus make sure to tell all your friends to add as well. Don’t be shy about hitting the page up with some “pins” for Pinterest too!


Sign of Portland, Oregon

The sign that you have arrived in Portland, Oregon

The scene is Portland. If I could describe it in one word it would be wow! The mountain ranges are beautiful and majestic. Scenes so amazing that you would have to stay for at least a week to take in a fraction of the scenery. Or you might have to just live there for a while. But I only had two days to work with to create some amazing images for my Women With Bikes client. Now I wish I had more time.

Having the luck to photograph a friend from high school was not only a nice way to start on my updated session but also a chance to catch up with what was going on with her life, family, loves and businesses.

testing with Jasmine Kesemeyer

“Absolutely amazing and phenomenal model!”

tease photo of Jasmine Kesemeyer face and shoulders

Testing with Jasmine Kesemeyer
Photo by J Singleton

Jasmine Kesemeyer is was an such an amazing person to work with if you want to call it work. I had the pleasure of an outstanding first test shoot with her Sunday July 16th at 7:45 in the morning. I scheduled early because its all about getting the right light and at times some might not appreciate the time factor. However I was very pleased to see her in the driveway at 7:35 ready to roll. Super attitude and ready to create some magical images.

It was our first shoot and I have to say her movements, natural charm, and expressions still have me wishing I met her a few years ago. It was like a dream come true. I would seriously have to say it was like working with a model from New York. Just so outstanding. I can’t compliment her enough for the short period of time we shot it was magic. I really would like to shoot with her like on a daily basis if I could. The next shoot can not come early enough for me.

The tease photos is just to get you ready for the post page I am setting up for test sessions. In the coming months there will be a specific page for the sessions as I will blog about the experience from start to finish to give my insight on the models I photograph. The evolution will be fun to watch unfold so keep your eyes open for the link that will post on my Facebook business page JSP J Singleton Photo 

Let me know what you think of the images and the models.




model Carly Schneider absorbing the sun on handball court

When it comes to tests shoots with models, Carly Schneider kicks it up to the next level. In this session I wanted to judge whether the idea of a Handball Court session could be added into my docket of new talent $100 dollar booking sessions. Carly was epic and played to the judgement perfectly. Without a shadow of a doubt these will be added into the photo session booking schedule. Details to come in days!


testing with Brittany Burke

Model Brittany Burke posing for photographer J Singleton for a digital test shoot.

test shoot with model Brittany Burke in Detroit, Michigan at the Detroit City Apartment complex

This is first in the series of many test shoot blogs I will be introducing on my site from past and more recent shoots. Today I am starting with one of my favorite models I have worked with in the past. Her name is Brittany Burke. I will update this post with images from out test shoot at Detroit City Apartment complex in downtown Detroit. Please be patient and keep coming back for the updates.



WOMEN WITH BIKES cropped image of woman on motorcycle with heels

WOMEN WITH BIKES – jsingletonphoto pin up series for women who own and ride motorcycles

Women! Get your motor running!

jsingletonphoto is now taking bookings for WOMEN WITH BIKES! These photo sessions are for those motorcycle enthusiast who want image of themselves with their pride and two wheel joy! The sessions are your own personal pin up images with you and your ride. If you are looking for a social media album to show your friends or large metal art prints to hang on your wall this is the place to put on your brakes.

The sessions will include consultation with me as to what your goals are for your individual session. It will also include make up and hairstylist suggestions as well as clothing styling to fit the look you want to achieve. Be it a hard leather look or something a bit more reveling the session is yours to discover a hot look for you and your motorcycle.

This blog announcement will be one of many to start up the WWB sessions. Now I must admit that the product name may change or be altered because I am in the beginning stages of putting together these sessions so please keep watching for blog updates.


  • WHEN – Booking starts today 5/10/2017 (Check for available dates)
  • CONTACT: email – jsp@jsingletonphoto.com or jsingletonphoto@gmail.com JSP J Singleton Photo on Facebook
  • WHERE – Sessions will be based upon consultations
  • WHO – All women who want to have some cool, sexy, fun and wild pin up fashion images with their motorcycles.
  • *PRICING – $$$ to $$$$$ – these will be stylized shoots so expect the cost to be reflective to the value of art. Customized pricing currently. Session setting *fee currently start at $200 and up

*(subject to change)


Thanks for stopping by and please book your session today!!!





model information helping new talent

Camera’s ready, prepare the model!

image of model Rachel Simone

Model Rachel Simone – Makeup Tayla Ashford – Hair Michael David – Photo J Singleton – jsingletonphoto©2015

I am reworking a few items on my menu for model shoots. I am putting more effort in developing my photographic style, retouching, and client delivery. And with that I am updating my Model portfolio image page. I plan on having the page to not only show the current hard work within testing light session to master light, but as well to show updated Adobe Photoshop skills that I am developing.

Plus it will act as a showcase to show the “team” who make the dream work. From makeup artist, hair stylist, clothing stylist, assistants, retouch artist and of course the models themselves. And not to forget the modeling agencies that supply the talent that makes everything come together in the end.

When I finish setting it up I hope to have a comprehensive listing of what primary things a model needs to bring to shoots. What the standards are for modeling agencies. Identify the differences between catalog, commercial, editorial and lifestyle modeling. Proper dress and grooming for a go-see. The reason you need a composite card as well as a constant updating for your digital Polaroid.

Just a few things that speak to the needs to work toward the business. I will also blog interviews with models and agents to share their experiences as well as tips that will help you or possibly your son or daughter get a better idea of what the modeling business is all about.

image of model Caroline Reason

Model Caroline Reason – photo by J Singleton – jsingletonphoto©2016

Photographing Real Estate Agent Jamie Nummer

I love what I do! And when I get to chance to work with new clients it always brings new challenges. Yet working with past clients tends to make things go extremely smooth. Keller William’s real estate agent Jamie Nummer’s head shot session was fun and a bit more challenging than expected for both of us. Yet on the “bright side” we accomplished the goal of capturing great images for his profile image.


If you are looking to sell or buy a home be sure to contact Jamie Nummer of Keller Williams.

Contact: Mobile App Jamie Nummer

Detroit photographer and friends sending care packages to soldiers

Thinking outside the box, then inside the box!

I want to share a quick story with you about an overheard conversation at an event I was just covering for Wins for Warriors. Yet please bare with me as this will be an on going process that kicked off in my head Sunday evening and is starting to snowball. So I was photographing one of the members of New Classica during a meeting and greet after their concert at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial last Sunday for the families and personnel of the military branches. The event was sponsored by Wins for Warriors. During the session a soldier made the polite ask of sending those who may be out in the field a care package of baby wipes. As that there are times where having a shower may be days, weeks or months out. This got my mind and motivation into gear.

Right now I am putting together two care packages to send this Thursday afternoon. I know they won’t make it for Christmas yet I have a feeling they will be appreciated regardless. So right now I am finishing up the editing process of the photo session and then working on my care package ops.

Care Pack slowly coming together.

Care Pack slowly coming together.

This page will update daily until the project has been completed. Until then, comeback on occasion for post updates. I will send a link to my personal and business Facebook pages as well.


The start of the care package process. What to put in the box?

You can also play a part!

Soft Opening at The Conserva


So I received a soft opening invite from my multi-talented photographer/artist friend Janna Coumoundouros to her and her husbands restaurant venture The Conserva! A new culinary experience in the midst of its start up in Ferndale, Michigan. It was such a wonderfully tasty adventure for me to try out their fares last Saturday October 29. From the non-alcoholic beverage to several of the gourmet meals put together by head chef Matthew Baldridge.



Matt and Janna have been serving up their dinner club pop up experiences through out to Detroit area. To bring culinary delights to those who might not get a chance to have an opportunity to experience fine dining cuisine. Matt providing of course the delicious art and Janna providing the visual delicacies bring on a joyful experience to several senses.


Starting out first with a Nick Silas special non-alcoholic cocktail which I felt was much better than a soft drink that I initially ordered. Nick put together a lemon and lime concoction that was effervescently refreshing. Very light without a sugary after taste which was indeed flavorful. Steve Baldridge, Matt’s brother, set up up with a great seat and view in front of large windows that allowed a view of the area surroundings and offered great light for photographing their dishes.

Onto my first menu choice of Roasted Avocado with soft egg yolk, shallots, gremolata, & croutons. This was so tasty that at the end I cleaned the plate as best I could. My next dish was the Smoked Pork Belly with rum, raisins, garlic, & toasted chic peas. It was so well done and the visual plating made it hard to photograph without starting to salivate. The last dish on this night was the Charred Octopus with garlic, cucumber, sesame oil, & lemon zest. It was so delicious I must admit I could have ordered a few more dishes of this meal all alone.

I do plan on revisiting The Conserva! in order to meet up with Janna to chat some about the art work she has on display. As well I have two other dishes to try out. The Tallegio with cranberries, shallots, balsamic, & focaccia and the Popcorn with duck fat & rosemary. These dishes and cocktails are very reasonably priced for the soft opening. As this event was not open to the general public as to work out the business and cooking side of the restaurant keep your eyes and ears open to hear updates. So if you know Matt or Janna you might want to ask about what they have cooking up in Ferndale soon!

I will update this blog with more information and images of the event soon!

Thanks for the invitation Janna and Matt!!

Photographing A Day Of Detroit Flower Week 2016

Detroit Flower Week held at the Jam Handy building in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Flower Week held at the Jam Handy building in Detroit, Michigan

I love to photograph flowers, even though I might not have a total grasp of chromatography. Yet I am learning. And there was a budding educational experience being held at the Jam Handy Building and the Detroit Public Library. Presenters and participants from across the country and as far as London, England. The Detroit Flower Week that was held from October 11th and ending with a dinner  from 8- 11 p.m. October 15th.  The Detroit Flower Week was put together by Ann Arbor floral designer Lisa Waud of Pot and Box.


Detroit Flower Week Organizer putting together wire and crate display for flowers. Photography by J Singleton©2016



The days were divided into workshops for those wanting to learn more about flower arranging and lectures from various florist telling story of how they got their start. How sometimes miracles of business grow from out of the blue. One of those stories from Chicago florists Heidi Joynt and Molly Kobect of Field and Florist revealed in their search to expand their business they found a partner who just happened to have over 100 acres of land that they wanted to facilitate as a nursery. Now they have a lot of 30 acres they use in Southwest Michigan to help in their endeavors. Sometimes the luck does shine down to create a great pairing.

The festival ended on Saturday night with a dinner held in the historical treasured Adam Strom Hall on the third floor of the Detroit Public library featuring an installation designed by world renowned London designer Joseph Massie.  Joseph having even designed floral arrangements for the Queen was assisted by local volunteers across Southeast Michigan to help build his vision to suspend over those dining upon the five course meal and beverage pairing by Detroit’s finest chefs. If you missed The Detroit Flower Week this year, keep your eyes open for the next event on Lisa Waud’s web page.

Detroit Flower Week Info

jsingletonphoto20161014-_mg_0226 jsingletonphoto20161014-_mg_0187

Retouching helps with your creative process

Model Rachel Simone, Makeup: Tayla Ashford

Before and After retouching

After I spend time on a shoot be it a personal project, stock images or client I work on toward a finished product with retouching the image. I find it much like being the chef at a restaurant. You don’t want to send out a meal with no seasoning or that is half cooked. It would ruin the meal and experience completely. That’s why I put in the necessary time to make sure the images have that look of perfection.

Model: Rachel Simone

Makeup: Tayla Ashford


Detroit based photographer samples food photography

Yesterday I was thinking yes its time for General Tso’s Chicken again so I walked down to the local take out place to pick some up. I knew I did want to not only eat this amazingly prepared food; I wanted to photograph it. Now I know that the owner would not put together a “photo ready” meal so I would just have to deal with what I got. So I placed my order and waited. I was less than seven minutes then I was on my way back.

Now I have done food photography in the past with Bob Conway in Battle Creek, Michigan back in the day as assistant photographer. I have always loved the look, yet have not really made an effort to pursue food photography as a supplement to my current photography. It seems if you don’t specialize then people don’t take you seriously as to your craft. However working with Bob who was literally a jack-of-all trades when it came to photography instilled the idea that if you have passion for the base of what you do then you can accomplish anything.

This is my start to pursuing a pinch of food photography. I plan on adding some video as well for behind the scenes too. Be on the look out for it.

General Tso's Chicken food shot

General Tso’s Chicken food shot

Website updating – the fun times!


I know I set up every Thursday to update my website for new content to make sure the SEO would improve my site being searched on Google. Yet there has been quite a few “Thursday’s” that did not my fingers type in the URL to my site or add any content or image. Sad to say I have been slacking! Yet I am working on that leave turn over thing.

Currently I have been adding a piece here and a piece there to my site. I have finally did a little research to figure out how to add pages to my menu and drop down list. Which means now it wont appear as a photo Gumbo site. Yes, the website updating is also going through a organizing phase as well. So please bare with me on the updates and changes as I am still learning a few things. If anyone knows of a tool that can help with full page slide shows please go to the “Contact” page (which I just recently figure out how to set up) and hit me up with some info on possible applications I can add to my WordPress site.

Until next click, have a great day!

Family Photo on demand Thanksgiving Day

Uber and jsingletonphoto deliver a Family Photo on Thanksgiving day

David Woessner Family

David Woessner group – jsingletonphoto©2015

Family Photo on Thanksgiving day? Sure, why not?! I participated with the Uber promotion “Uber Family Photo” on Thanksgiving day. It was a great time to photograph families at home for the holiday. It can be a hard task to gather several family members to have a photo taken. What better time to do so when you have a captive food gathered audience. So Uber contacted local Detroit area photographers to a ride along with drivers to deliver a photographer to take a family photo on Thanksgiving day. On the phone app “PHOTO” was an added slider option to choose. Once selected a driver and photographer would arrive within minutes to capture a great portrait.

Logan Wert Family

Logan Wert – jsingletonphoto©2015

My gracious Uber driver, Scott Zimmerman, arrived on time with a great welcoming smile. Scott made the time pass by with great Uber travel stories. Scott also helped carry my gear to and from each of the houses. He kept me on my 15 minute a house schedule by starting a timer on his phone. After the timer would sound he would return to the house asking how everything went while picking up the gear I had packed up. This coordinated operation made the time go flawlessly.

Jack Folbe Family

Jack Folbe bunch – jsingletonphoto©2015

Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming to the service. It was actually a surprise to most of the families that someone ordered a photographer from Uber for a photo on Thanksgiving day. Yet everyone was happy to participate in capturing the holiday spirit. So much so that I was offered to stay and wait for a meal. And there was a beverage offer as well. Yet I did have a scheduled to keep. And with that I snapped a picture with a family members cell photo to post on Instagram with the hash tag “UberFamilyPhoto”.

Sumeet Uvaidya Family

Sumeet Uvaidya gang – jsingletonphoto©2015

I would like to send a special thanks to all the families that participated with not only me but as well four other local Detroit photographers and Uber drivers. We were lucky to capture some wonderful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. And thanks Uber for asking me to participate! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving time with family and friends.

all photos copyright of jsingletonphoto©2015

Scott Zimmerman  (248) 804-9040 claudiasdad7739@gmail.com



Detroit photographer with head shot tip

Today’s tip: Smile!


Nothing gives more general appeal than a smile for a broad range of professions. It’s a simple way to attract more potentially positive responses to you! Someone they could be open with and willing to share their valuable time. Now mind you there are areas where a smile might not be as effective in certain types of businesses, yet the overall place to start would be a confident and most of all a “real” smile.  And even if you don’t use the Cheshire cat grin, try smiling with your eyes or “smize” to convey a person who is very approachable!




Deloitte Detroit and Autoweek                          Photography by jsingletonphoto



Bold, Dramatic, Intense

if you could see through the darkness you would be called light

We all have a darkness inside that may be hidden or exposed for all to see. This darkness may be subtle or dramatic based upon each individuals personality. Be aware of  this to be not evil or necessarily goodness. It is in essence natures necessity of balance.

We all have lightness inside that may be hidden or exposed for all to see. This lightness may be dynamic or low  key based upon each individuals heart. Be aware the basis isn’t due to righteousness or degradation. The shear power of black and white, noir et blanc is used to entice an emotional response from deep within and to unleash its intense presence. To be directly inline with volcanic obliteration, to some ancient cultures, would be an offering to the gods. And within each sacrifice the appeasement was good, yet evil none the less.

Find all the emotions within the dark and light. Find all truths between the black and white. Shed a tear for all that is wrong and that is right.

That is noir et blanc…..


carly schneider

j singleton photo 2014

Detroit Photographer starts dance portrait project


Amy Swift                                                                         Alexandra McLeod                                                                            Cassie Hoy

Of all the arts I believe one of the most beautiful is dance. It allows the feeling of freedom, power and escape. Photographing dance is a very demanding task as it is about the moment and with each movement timing is everything. With that I start on a journey to photograph ballet dancers. I hope to do a bit of traveling outside of my comfort zone to find what all dancers seem to embrace within the art. Freedom!

Join me on my journey to see where it takes me on my quest to photograph that elusive moment. If you are interested in participation or know anyone who is please contact me at jsp@jsingletonphoto.com

Also keep checking back for the dance blog when it starts!