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Wedsite updating for lifestyle and luxury weddings

wedsite updating

Hi there! My website is slowly turning into a wedsite! A site more devoted to proposals, engagements and weddings. The content changes will reflect my  move toward lifestyle, fine art, and luxury weddings. I still intend to work within photographing events, head shots, commercial work as well as models and stock photography. Yet the main focus will be more toward capturing those tears of joyful happiness. 

2018_07_20 Model Jasmine’s Belle Isle shoot

So today I got the chance to work with my friend Jasmine, after a year, shooting on Belle Isle. The plan was actually to work with her with a Thumbtack client to capture a marriage proposal. I would engage with photography while she worked on the video end. Well the couples plane took off later than expected which threw off the day. Yet to make the best of it we headed to Belle Isle anyway to shoot.

Model in Canary Yellow Jumpsuit
Jasmine in Canary Yellow Jumpsuit

2018_07_17 Malak and Tarek engagement

Today was pretty amazing. I had the opportunity to work with Thumbtack clients Malik and Tarek for their engagement session and engagement event. The chemistry between this couple was fun and joyful. They seemed to flow better without so much direction, but more interaction between each other or just in a more relaxed state of mind.

Engaged couple portrait
Malak and Tarek have been officially engaged!


Believe in yourself. Believe in your talent.

If you have only one thing to learn its that you must believe in yourself. There are times where doubt will hit you like a bowling ball on the daily. Maybe today is not the day. Maybe this is not the moment for you. Or heck maybe you are not talented at all. But do recognize that regardless it is important to believe in yourself. Believe in your talent.

Your talent may not be easy to see. You may have masked your truth with another desire. Challenge yourself to revel that talent that is inside you. Yet always believe in yourself.


blog image of MILO Detroit work desk

MILOdetroit this afternoon was such a rush. When the owner has trust in your abilities to let you do what you do it is both a relief and burden within the same breath. Talk about challenging your sense of direction. Definitely pushed me into working a bit differently. Decisions placed into my hands have really pushed the idea of making clean photography a mission. To also bring out more of the emotional content that is not an easy task. Yet I am aware of my ability to build trust with my subjects through communication of where I would like to take them. To learn who they are and what they are about. To learn as much as possible. The ability to be open, a bit wacky, yet professional drives toward a trust. That trust given is such intoxication rush that I am still feel while opening up the images taken today. I can’t wait to shoot again.

Models need for Stock Photography shoots

Female and Male models need for some TFP or as well TFD, test for digital, images. I need models of all shapes, sizes, races etc! I am working on my stock portfolio. I will have mood boards and trends listing of what I am needing to add to my stock portfolio. Some of the shoots will be small while others will add a bit of production to create salable images.

You will need to sign a model release with a witness of your signature prior to the shoot. Each image submitted for stock will be sent to the model as well. My plan is to have at least 4 images from each shoot. It may vary below that based upon technical qualities of the image itself, yet I am shooting to have 10 usable images from each session. The images will be high resolution with basic retouching. You will be able to view a pdf of the images selected to also make your final choices if 4 images were not chosen from the shoot.

Please email me at either:


and send a headshot as well as full body shot.

Thanks for your time and keep clicking back for updates on trends listing and shoot dates.



Rachel Lyn Buford 10-14-2017 1:00 p.m.

As tears from heaven fall for those who suffer and for those who try to aid those who are suffering. Such a somber, gray, rain filled day. There was a moments break. Literally when Rachel pulled up the rain subsided for a brief period of time. And as she left the rain returned more voracious than before. This weather summarizes the emotional ebb and flow of the portrait session.

I chatted prior with Rachel about her job as a social worker to get a feel of what she deals with on a daily basis. To be informed that the Governor of Michigan actually pulled funding from the system that you thought was in place to help people is appalling. The images and story in Rachel’s own words will post upon the Portrait Project page soon.

Hugs and Love


Portrait Project 10-14-2017


Today’s #PORTRAITPROJECT will start around 1 p.m. with a person I have waited to photograph for a long time now. I recently had the chance to shoot with her for a lens test and the images are quite amazing. Today I want to photograph her portrait for my project. I also wanted to photograph her with her fiance for my engagement photography work, yet today is not shaping up to be the best day for that.

The hurricanes of recent have the residuals of tropical storm fronts that have slowly made their way to Michigan so it has brought quite a bit of rain this way. I hope to have a break to get outside today, but it does not look promising.

Storyteller Pricing

Session pricing starts at $100 per hour. Various price points for your photo story.


Unedited proof prints

These images are mainly for selection of larger prints.

4×6         $10

5×7          $15

Session proof book     $50

Finished Prints

5×7          $50

8×10      $100

Digital Images

4×6 sizing

72 dpi – Low Resolution             $10 each

150 dpi – Medium Resolution   $25 each

300 dpi – High Resolution        $40 each

Larger options available


Slide Show

$250 up to 40 to 60 images with music

Social Media Packs 

$75- Images to post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 15 Images

$150 – 20 images

$200 – 30 images


All prices subject to change

Setting up Instagram Wedding page

Okay so if I have been working on building clients for various work that I do it would appear to be just as important to set up an Instagram page. With that comes my new Wedding Instagram site. The site will be all about wedding. From engagement photography to the last dance of the wedding. Also tips for brides as well as grooms.

So go to @wedding.jsingletonphoto on Instagram to add to your list of friends. Plus make sure to tell all your friends to add as well. Don’t be shy about hitting the page up with some “pins” for Pinterest too!