Photography is my passion! 

photo by J SINGLETON


I love to capture emotional images. I love to find beauty in everything I see. Be it in passing cumulus cloud or the depths of a distinguished corporate portrait. It’s a gift everyday to discover a new challenge. My photographic experience started with a plastic 126mm film camera my mom Mary Singleton gave me in the summer of 1975.

During the a cross country vacation from the Midwest to the West I found myself hooked on taking photographs of everything. Between that time to high school it was the 126 to 110 film cameras that provided my satisfying time with photography.

I started to write for my high school newspaper with the guidance of my instructor Bonnie Brown. Originally I asked to be a photographer but she insisted that I should try my hand at writing. After a few attempts Mrs. Brown decided that I should pursue photography and from there I was hooked. Since then, I have worked for colleges, studios, newspapers, photo lab and a camera store.

I am currently available for on location photography for corporate portraits and events. I love to photograph weddings, destination weddings and senior portraits. I am willing to travel as well for destination events. Anything to continue my passionate pursuit of creating beautiful images.


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