2012 – Bring it!!

Beauty shot
Beauty shot
model: Ashley Moyers; make up & hair: Sigal Levine

So with the new year comes new opportunities. I find that I am lucky to meet new and amazing talent that only help to build my portfolio to new levels. I believe within that the new focus is to work on getting published in a Michigan based magazine. And the plan is to have it happen this year. The year when planets align and the Mayans want us to update the calendars on our own.

Also within the plan is to work with several great modeling agencies around the country. I have to say that my ambitious plan is taking form with the help of a person I worked with a long time ago when I was just getting my feet wet photographing agency models. I have to thank Lynn Clark-Geiner for giving me an opportunity to work with her talent. Along with her and Meghan York, the support they have given has been quite phenomenal. I hope to work with them more in 2012 as well with some new agencies in Detroit, Chicago, and hopefully Arizona and New York. So with that I say to all the new opportunities….BRING IT 2012!!!!

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